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How To Add A High-Ticket Back End Offer To Your Funnel

Imagine this scenario:

You put your offer out into the world, you know it’s amazing and your audience will LUV it.

So you run some ads, make some sales – but you’re still losing money.

What gives?

You can see other marketers running a ton of ads to their low-priced offers, so how on earth do they keep living their incredible lifestyle, while still paying for ads?

Here’s the bit you’re missing from your funnel…

A high-ticket back end.

And by ‘back end’ I simply mean an offer made to your customer some time after they’ve bought your ‘front end’ product.

The thing is… you might even have this back end offer already. Based on a recent customer survey we ran, a lot of you are already impacting lives through coaching and mentoring.

But what you need is a systemised way of adding that into your funnel.

See, your prospects and customers are out there, searching with all their heart for someone to show them the way.

Add this into your funnel… and hey presto! You’ll have all the coaching leads you want.

And your funnel can be super simple – just a few emails on a regular basis, asking people if they’d be interested in jumping on a quick call with you.

The word ‘regular’ is important too… because nobody reads ALL your emails. And besides, they might not be interested in coaching on day 1 – but by day 30, they could be ready to jump into their greatness with your help.

Speaking of day 1 – don’t even wait for email #1 of your welcome sequence – your ‘thank you page’ could have a link to book a discovery call with you, filling your calendar with amazing new clients

And if you don’t yet have a coaching program… it could be a brilliant way to help your audience grow into the best version of themselves, and be well paid for doing so.

Of course there’s many other ways to monetize your funnel on the back end.

One of my favorites is using proven ‘done-for-you’ copy templates that give you everything you need to succeed…

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  1. Great article on how to add a high-ticket back-end offer to your funnel! Here are a few actionable tips that I think could help:

    Know your audience. Make sure you have a deep understanding of your target audience, including their needs, pain points, and goals. This will help you choose a high-ticket back-end offer that is relevant and valuable to them.

    Offer a complementary product or service. Consider offering a complementary product or service that builds on your front-end offer. For example, if you're selling a course on how to start a business, you could offer a coaching program or mentorship service as a back-end offer.

    Make the offer exclusive. Position your back-end offer as an exclusive opportunity for your most loyal customers. This will help to create a sense of scarcity and urgency that motivates people to take action.

    Use social proof. Highlight the success stories and testimonials of people who have taken advantage of your back-end offer to build credibility and inspire confidence in your target audience.

    Make the offer accessible. Make sure the process of purchasing your back-end offer is as smooth and straightforward as possible. Use clear, concise language to explain the benefits of the offer and provide step-by-step instructions on how to purchase.

    Offer a guarantee. Consider offering a satisfaction guarantee to help mitigate any risk that your target audience may feel about making a high-ticket purchase. A strong guarantee can give your target audience the confidence they need to take action.

    Thanks for sharing this useful information!

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