November 28


The Rarely-Used ‘Mad Men’ Sales Hack That Gives You Selling Super-Powers

If you have a high-ticket offer but aren’t happy with your closing rate, this should help.
There’s a great scene in a Mad Men episode where Don Draper lays out a great sales pitch to a prospective client, finishes up and waits for them to say YES.

There’s a moment of silence as the prospect absorbs what he’s heard, and decides that the only course of action that makes any sense is to reach for the checkbook and seal the deal on the spot.

And they were probably about to do just that – when a less gifted pitch man then breaks the silence with more of the awesome benefits Draper had just covered.
I don’t remember if they closed that deal or not – but it was put in serious jeopardy by this other person’s interruption.

‘Mr Interrupt’ blinked at the crucial moment.

In fact, he squirmed like a kid being tickled with a feather, when it came time to close this client.

We’ve all been there… quoting a prospect we’d love to land, with a price that would buy a lot of neat stuff.

But as it comes out, your voice sounds weird, you get butterflies, and suddenly you can think of a million reasons why this person might say no.

Think of your offer as a beautiful wood carving.

You’ve slaved long and hard to create the perfect shape, smooth surfaces all over – except this one ugly bump at the end.

That’s the bump you just tripped over when you quoted your fee to that prospect… it’s really uncomfortable and you overcompensated just as ‘Mr Interrupt’ did on Mad Men.

The answer is simple (but not easy) – smooth out that bump until there’s nothing left, through repetition.

Pitch as many people as you possibly can, get on calls, face-to-face if possible, and just keep going over that spot until it wears down to nothing. Practice in front of a mirror.

This is especially important if you’re quoting considerably higher than your competition (which you should).

That, and having a rock-solid undying belief that you are amazing at what you do and you know the person you’re pitching will benefit greatly from your help.

Go back to sales calls you’ve recorded – listen to the close and see if you can pick up any changes in your voice as you quote your fees.

The goal is to have an absolutely seamless transition into your close so the prospect does not pick up on any signs that might suggest you aren’t 110% confident in your offer or service.

That’s the secret reason behind why some prospects say no, even if they don’t realize it themselves.

Listening back to your sales calls can be extremely helpful, as long as you approach it with self-honesty and a desire to learn and improve.

And if you’re ready to ramp up your own high-ticket sales… check out our High-Ticket Funnel Toolkit here.

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