November 9


3 Questions That Will Increase Your Conversion Rates

Picture it: You’ve got your lead.

Maybe they resonated with your content and want to jump on a call. 

Or, they’ve signed up to your email list or clicked on an ad.

Either way, they’ve raised their hand and shown that your paths are aligned.

But the job’s only half done…

Now it’s time to bring them into the fold and CONVERT them.

Fortunately the secret to conversion is actually relatively simple.

There’s no magic to it… even though it produces magical results.

It’s the most basic principle in marketing…

Know your customer.

The best marketers and copywriters know their customer as well as a beloved family member.

You know what they love.

What they’re frustrated with.

What moves them to action.

What they resonate with on a deeper level.

It’s not about the stats of which headline converts 10% better.

It’s about knowing in your heart why a person would want to opt in or buy on your page.

Here’s 3 questions that help you peer deeply into your customer’s soul:

1: What are they writing in forums?

Your audience will pour their heart out in forums and Facebook groups. And reading through these stories of struggle and triumph can be a rollercoaster of emotion – and tells you exactly what they are looking for. 

And of course the best way the average entrepreneur can help these poor souls is to provide products and services that solve these problems 😉

2: What does your current audience say?

If you’ve got people on an email list, or a following on social media – ask them. You brought them into your life through aligned purposes, they’ll have answers to questions you haven’t asked yet. A simple survey works great, as does a neatly phrased question on your Facebook profile.

3: What does your heart say?

Here’s the thing: You’re already an expert. You’ve worked for years and dedicated your life to this – you already know a lot about your target market. And you’re probably not leveraging that knowledge as much as you could.

Of course, surveys and other research will fill in a lot of details – they’re great research tools.

But if you’re impacting lives (or just about to start doing so) then I’m betting you’re more in touch with them than you think.

So if you’re finding it hard to convert your audience from interested to paying customer – look deep inside yourself and bring what’s there out for all the world to see.

After all… that’s what they really want: you.

But how do you get them to take the action?… High performing sales copy

And if you don’t want to spend years learning how to write it – how about proven done-for-you sales copy templates?

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