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Here's Everything I Currently Use (And Love!) To Build My Marketing Funnels...

*Disclosure: Naturally I only recommend products that I use myself. However in the spirit of full disclosure this page contains affiliate links that may earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you.

When it comes to building highly effective marketing funnels, there's really only 2 things you need.

1) A website to present your offers
2) A way to follow up with people

I've been doing this digital marketing thing for almost 20 years now, and during that time I've tried just about every marketing tool and gimmick there is!

To save you the time (and money) figuring it all out for yourself, here's everything I currently use to build my own funnels...

Webpage Builder (WordPress Options)


Thrive Architect -  For building high-converting landing pages, sales pages and upsell pages... nothing compares to the WordPress plugin called Thrive Architect!

Built by marketers for marketers, it has absolutely everything you need to create high-converting webpages and funnels... even if you're not tech-savvy.

This is what I personally use for all my sites, and since it's built on WordPress, it gives me complete control over every part of my page designs.

Best of all, Thrive Architect comes as part of the Thrive Themes suite of products, so you also get every marketing tool imaginable... all for one low price 🙂 Checkout Thrive Architect Here

Elementor -  If you're on a tight budget and aren't ready to get started with Thrive Architect, then the free WordPress page builder called Elementor is the way to go. With all the features you need to get a great looking page up and running without any tech skills, it's a popular choice for many people. Download it here

Webpage Builder (Standalone Options)

If you prefer not to use WordPress, then there's only 2 standalone webpage builders worth considering...

Simvoly -  This is a fairly new all-in-one platform, but it's my favourite standalone platform by far! Loaded with tons of great features and templates, Simvoly is a highly affordable solution for marketers of any skill level. Check it out here

ClickFunnels - This is probably the most well-known funnel building platform out there. Simple to use, it's a great all-in-one platform for beginners and advanced marketers alike. And while the price can be restrictive for some people, the amount of templates and support available make it a popular choice. Grab it here

Shopping Cart With 1-Click Upsells


FunnelKit - (Previously known as 'WooFunnels'.  Please note that FunnelKit is not owned or operated by and they recently changed their name after WooCommerce asked them to stop using the 'Woo' branding.)

If you plan on selling courses, self liquidating offers (SLOs) or any kind of product or service online, then having a shopping cart with the ability to do "bump offers" and "1-click upsells" is essential. ClickFunnels is famous for having these features built in, and for a long time there wasn't an equivalent WordPress plugin to rival it.

That was until WooFunnels FunnelKit came along!

This is by far my most important tool for building funnels and selling products & services online. In fact, the features you get with WooFunnels FunnelKit FAR exceed the capabilities of ClickFunnels... but for a fraction of the price.

Built on the popular WooCommerce platform (free), WooFunnels FunnelKit is my secret weapon and one that I can't live without. Check it out here.

Email Autoresponder

(WordPress & ClickFunnels)

Active Campaign - while there's loads of email autoresponder services these days, nothing compares to ActiveCampaign for deliverability (ie people actually receiving your emails) and automation features.

Having an email list is essential for building a relationship with your audience, and so using a service like Active Campaign is a must. Check out all their features here

MailerLite - if you're on a budget, then MailerLite is an excellent email autoresponder with just about all the same features that Active Campaign has. 

Free for up to 1000 subscribers (yay!), MailerLite includes automations, workflows and great deliverability. Check it out here

Website Hosting


Kinsta - If your site is running WordPress and you plan on spending any money on advertising (such as Facebook Ads) then the time it takes for your webpage to load is critically important.

A slow loading page will dramatically lower your sales and conversions, so when it comes to having a FAST loading site I host all my websites with Kinsta Hosting.

They have incredible 24hr support, and moving my sites to Kinsta was one of the best decisions I ever made for increasing my sales and conversions. Take a look here.

Course / Membership Software


Learn Dash -  Over the past few years there's been loads of great options for hosting courses online, however the one I love the most has to be Learn Dash.

With loads of great features for delivering a world-class course or online program, this WordPress plugin is the only one I'd recommend. Check it out here.

Graphic Design

Canva - As a graphic designer that grew up using Photoshop & Illustrator, it took me a while to come around to using Canva, but I'm sure glad I did!

Canva is one of the fastest (and easiest!) tools I've ever used for creating incredible social media posts, ebooks, reports and pretty much any kind of design I need to run my business. Best of all it's FREE! Set up your free account here. Set up your free account here

Survey Software

Cognito Forms - As you know by now, using an application form is a great way to pre-qualify people for your high-ticket coaching offers and courses. With so many different survey apps to choose from these days, I've found Cognito Forms to be the most flexible and easy to use by far. Create your free account here and then if you need any help creating your surveys, check out their great user guides here

Webinar Software

Demio - For a quick and easy way to run live webinars or automated 'evergreen' webinars, then look no further than Demio! Used and recommended by big brands and solopreneurs alike, it's a great affordable way to scale your business through online events. Get your FREE TRIAL here