Rapidly Grow Your Course, Coaching Or Service Business With This Done-For-You High-Ticket Funnel Toolkit...

Yes... All of this is DONE FOR YOU!

  • Professional webpage designs for every step of your funnel that will take someone from cold to sold in just a few hours
  • High converting sales copy for every page of your funnel... simply add a few details about yourself and you’re done
  • Client getting email sequences to bond with your potential clients and get them salivating for your high-ticket offer
  • Powerful sales script to close your high-ticket sales via Zoom (works even if you’re new to sales!)
  • Done for you script for your ‘Value Video’ so you can easily position yourself as the #1 solution to your client’s problems
How Would You Like To Sell Your Own High-Ticket Offers Without Worrying About Where Your Next Client Is Coming From?

I speak with so many coaches and course creators that can't enroll high-quality clients on a regular basis.

And the #1 reason for this is because they don't have the RIGHT system in place to attract and convert new High-Ticket clients.

They waste endless hours hanging out in Facebook groups DM’ing potential clients...

Only to have a small trickle of new people enquiring about their High-Ticket offers.

Even then, they fail to convert those people into paying clients, because like most coaches and course creators...

They’re great at getting their own clients results...

But haven’t the slightest clue when it comes to marketing and sales.

The good news is however... I’ve done all the hard work setting up the marketing & sales funnel so you don’t have to!

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have a complete High-Ticket enrolment funnel ready to automatically sign-up new clients... in less than a day from now.

Imagine having all the high converting emails, web pages, video scripts and sales scripts... ready to go.

Simply add a few details about your Hight-Ticket Offer and you’re done!

Get ready to start accepting new High-Ticket clients without any hassles.

Better yet...

Imagine having a proven funnel that actually filters out people that aren’t a good fit...

So that you only speak with people that have both the money AND motivation to buy your High-Ticket Offer!

If that would make a difference for you and your business right now, then I'd like to make you a very special OFFER today:


The High-Ticket Funnel Toolkit

(NOTE: This ideal for coaches, consultants, course creators and anyone that wants to rapidly increase their income online)

Now you can forget about all the marketing hassles and simply focus on delivering great results with your High-Ticket courses and coaching programs, because...

You’re About To Get Everything You Need To Attract & Convert High Ticket Clients Including...

PART #1...

The Plug-and-Play Funnel Page Designs
(8x Page Designs)

*Easily change the colors & fonts to match your brand in just a few clicks!

You get 8 complete page designs for every step of your High-Ticket Funnel already PRE-LOADED with high-converting sales copy.

Simply upload to your website, add a few details about your High-Ticket Offer, and you’re good to go!

Best of all, you can rest assured these designs are PROVEN TO WORK.

That’s because they’re designed by my personal funnel designer who also builds funnels for... Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels), Ryan Deiss (Digital Marketer), Anthony Robbins, Mark Joyner (the Godfather of online marketing), and even legendary rock band U2!

Built to work with either ClickFunnels or Wordpress (using the free Elementor plugin) you get the 8 essential pages for taking a brand new prospect all the way through to full paying client in no time at all.

*Easily change the colors & fonts to match your brand in just a few clicks!

Here's All The Page Designs You Get...
  • STEP 1: Your Landing Page

This is where people opt in to watch your Free Training (known as your 'Value Video').

  • STEP 2: Your 'Value Video' Page

This is where your Value Video positions you as the trusted authority, teaches the viewer something useful, and then invites them to apply for a discovery call. (Remember, you get both the page design AND the script for the actual Value Video!)

  • STEP 3: Your Application Page

This is where you ask a series of 15 specific questions to make sure you only speak with pre-qualified prospects on your discovery calls.

  • STEP 4: Your 'Not Quite Right' Page

This is the page people will end up on if they'e not a good fit based on their application answers.

  • STEP 5: Your Calendar Booking Page

This is where people that are a good fit for your High-Ticket program will go to book a time in your calendar for their Discovery Call.

  • STEP 6: Your Calendar Booking Thank You Page

This is the thank you page people see after booking into a Discovery Call.

  • STEP 7: Your High-Ticket Offer Order Page

This is the page you send people to so they can pay for your High-Ticket Offer.

  • STEP 8: Your High-Ticket Offer Order Thank You Page

And finally this is the page people see after purchasing your High-Ticket Offer.


All the sales copy, emails and fill-in-the-blanks SCRIPTS needed for EVERY step of your funnel!

PART #2...

All The High Converting Email Sequences
(3x Sequences and 8x Emails in Total)

A big part of any successful funnel is following up with people via email after they leave your website.

In fact, more than 80% of your High-Ticket sales will come from your followup emails. So yeah, they're important!

But too many coaches and course creators make the mistake of not setting up email sequences to convert the 'lookers' into high-paying clients. 

The good news is though... you now you have everything ready to go with 3 complete client getting email sequences for your high-ticket offers!

Sequence 1: Send these immediately after someone opts in to watch your Value Video

Sequence 2: Send these to people that complete their application but haven't booked into your calendar yet

Sequence 3: Send these to people after they book into your calendar to ensure they turn up to your discovery call

PART #3...

The ‘Value Video’ Script For Attracting Your Ideal Clients On Autopilot
(Complete fill in the blanks script)

It's true that people won't pull out their credit cards the very first time they meet you and simply hand over $5000 or more for your high-ticket offer.

No. First you need to prove that you can help them.

And the best way to do that is to actually... HELP them!

The Value Video is a video people opt in for to receive a short and specific training from you. 

It's the perfect way to position yourself as the #1 trusted authority in your niche, and can be presented either on camera, or via a powerpoint style presentation with voice over.

Best of all, it's structured in a special way to not only help your prospect solve one of their immediate problems during the training, but also get them salivating to jump on a discovery call with you and learn all about your high-ticket offer!

And I'm going to hand you my proven fill-in-the-blanks script to create your own high-converting Value Video :)

PART #4...

The High-Ticket Application Survey For Pre-Qualifying Your Prospects
(The 15 essential questions to ask)

There's nothing worse than spending 45 minutes on a sales call with someone that doesn't have the money or motivation to buy your high-ticket offer.

Thankfully there's a way to pre-qualify people so that you only speak with those that are willing and actually excited to be spending their money with you.

The High-Ticket Application Survey is a series of 15 specific questions that people answer in order to qualify for a discovery call with you.

You get all 15 questions ready to use in your application form, and instructions on how to set it up so that people who don't fit your ideal client never get the chance to waste your time on a call.

PART #5...

The ‘Confident Closer’ Phone Sales Script For Enrolling New Clients
(What to say, and when)

If you’ve never sold high-ticket programs on discovery calls before… this is going to make it super easy for you!

Sales pros never just ‘wing it’ on their sales calls… they all use a proven script to close a high percentage of buyers, and the ‘Confident Closer’ script is based on the most successful sales scripts of all time.

You get the full script to use for your high-ticket offer, and it makes sales calls feel as natural as speaking to your best friend!

So, How Much Is This Incredible System Going To Cost?

Frankly, I would have paid thousands of dollars for this done-for-you system & templates when I started out. They would have saved me time, money, and plenty of trial and error.

But for a limited time only, to celebrate the launch of this amazing High-Ticket Funnel System...

You get everything listed on this page for just $297 $197

My marketing friends think I’m crazy. They think I’ve truly gone mad for offering so much for so little.

Well I can assure you I am not crazy.

But I’m not stupid either.

This Special Offer is only available for a limited time.

Avoid disappointment…

Grab this toolkit now! You’ll kick yourself if you miss out on this special price.

Don’t let this bargain slip through your fingers. Order now and profit tomorrow!

My Crazy 90-Day

Money Back Guarantee!

My guarantee is simple and straightforward.

Download the entire "High-Ticket Funnel Toolkit" today and try it for yourself. If you’re like the majority of my customers, you’ll be thrilled with your results. However, in the unlikely event you aren’t completely satisfied and delighted with your purchase, just let me know and I'll gladly refund your money. Without question. Or keep it longer. Keep it for a full 90 days if you wish. Even then, if you’re not totally delighted - for any reason - simply let me know and you’ll receive an immediate refund. And we’ll part as friends. I can’t get any fairer than that.

And look... I know a few dishonest people will take advantage of my generous guarantee and rip me off...

It’s happened before on my other offers. That’s okay. If they need their small investment back that badly I’ll oblige. But they don’t concern me. (It’s the price we pay these days.)

What DOES concern me are the hundreds of honest people I will help with this offer. Hundreds of coaches and course creators who will now have all of their marketing needs solved for their High-Ticket offers, without paying thousands of dollars on copywriters or high-end courses. They’re the people I’m concerned about. They’re the people I care about. And that’s why I offer such a generous guarantee.

PLUS the GOOD NEWS doesn’t stop here… that’s because…

For a limited time, you also get…

3 Free Gift Bonuses
Valued at $395.00

Bonus #1

"Complete Video Walkthrough Guides"

Value = $99.00

We’ve created complete video walkthroughs to show you every step of the implementation process - they’re only a few minutes long, because the process is so simple - but nothing is left out.

You’ll learn how to change all the fonts & colors in a few clicks, how to add your optin form, application survey and checkout page.

These are easy to follow screen-capture videos, it’s as if you’re looking over my shoulder as we build out the funnels.

Bonus #1

Value = $99.00

Bonus #2

"6x Design Brand Boards"

Value = $199.00

You’re also getting 6x Design Brand Boards that will help you set unique colors and fonts throughout your funnel in just a few clicks.

This is how you will be able to create a consistent, professional theme in your funnel and really make your brand stand out from your competitors. You get 3 feminine color sets and 3 masculine.

Bonus #2

Value = $199.00

"Helps You Go From THIS...   To THIS Almost Instantly!"

Bonus #3

"Canva Template For Your Value Video"

Value = $97.00

While the best way to present your Value Video is on camera, for those who are a little camera shy I've also included this high-converting Canva presentation template. 

With over 80 slides it's the perfect way to craft a compelling Value Video, and get your prospects excited about your high-ticket offer!

Bonus #3

Value = $97.00

Grab It All Today For Only...


Normally = $297


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