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Let's face it...

If you want to have a successful AUTOMATED online business, then you must learn how to sell.

But not in the traditional sense.

You see, selling online is VERY different than face-to-face.

Online, you only have a split second for your words... or videos... to sell your courses or coaching.

So it’s absolutely vital that you use the RIGHT words at the RIGHT time.Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how good your course or coaching is...

If your potential client isn’t absolutely compelled to read every single word of your marketing message...

And they never get the opportunity to learn about how you can help them with your courses or coaching...

Then the cold hard truth is this...

You will never be able to have a consistent and predicable income online. It’s as simple as that.

The Good News...

Thankfully though, creating compelling ads, emails and sales letters is easier than you think.

With the right system and templates to use, ANYONE can write profitable marketing content, and set it all up to attract new clients and customers without effort.

Best of all, when you combine the power of compelling sales copy with an AUTOMATED email follow-up system, you’ll be able to enjoy consistent cash-flow month after month.

  • Imagine how it will feel to have a fully automated client enrolment system for your courses and coaching programs.
  • Imagine how it will feel to wake up each day and have payment notification emails in your inbox.
  • Imagine what it will do for your free time when you are getting new customers on autopilot using the power of engaging email follow up systems and high-converting advertisements.

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Here's What You'll Discover...

  • The proven 9-step formula that has been responsible for selling more than $25 Million dollars worth of coaching and courses online
  • How to craft compelling stories that effectively persuade someone to make the right decision about purchasing your products & services. (PLUS... 75 done-for-you Email Story Starters you can simply copy & paste into your own emails!)
  • How to communicate almost effortlessly with your prospects so they see that you genuinely care about them
  • How to use automated email marketing to put your business on complete autopilot
  • How to position yourself as the trusted expert in your field... even if you’re just getting started online
  • How to remove any pricing objections your clients and customers might have, and flood your inbox with ‘payment received’ notifications
  • How to craft an offer so irresistible that your ideal clients will beg you to sell it to them
  • How to be so clear with your customers that when they buy they feel good about the purchase, instead of feeling like you hyped them into buying something they didn't really want
  • Plus you get 257 fill-in-the blanks copywriting templates
  • AND... so much more!

Proof This Powerful Step-By-Step System Works...

"Using Xander's copywriting techniques I sold $25,000 worth of consulting!"

"Xander does two things that are critically different in teaching copywriting: 

1. He breaks down the sales message in distinctive parts. Writing persuasive copy becomes as easy as playing with Lego blocks.

2. THIS IS REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT. Whereas most teachers of copywriting want to create a mystique around the art and science of copywriting, Xander keeps fuelling your confidence, repeating over and over and over how easy it is, how anyone can do it easily, how you can learn to be as good as he is, how you'll master it instantly. This is priceless.

Using Xander's copywriting techniques I sold $25,000 worth of consulting!"

Martin Messier

"Quadrupled Conversions!"

"I think I've purchased just about all of Xander’s major products.

My most recent success was with his Copywriting and Template package which took an overly complicated and lengthy sales letter pitch I had written using another course and turned it into a short simple sales letter that quadrupled conversions."

Craig Paulson

"I was able to bang out 3 mini sales letters and profit over $2,000 as a result."

"I like the fact that if I knew nothing about copywriting I could take the stuff you outline and write a sales letter in one setting.

The section on offers was worth the price alone and FOREVER changed how I do business.

After doing Jason's course I was able to bang out 3 mini sales letters and profit over $2,000 as a result."

Tim Castle

"I have several top courses on copywriting, but nothing else gave me the confidence and the skills to turn out high quality copy quickly""

"I love the way Xander breaks down copywriting into totally doable little steps.

Frankly, the thought of writing copy scares me. What if I spend one month writing copy for a product and it bombs? (This has happened to me.)

Xander has completely eliminated the "scare factor" from copywriting. His system is 100% doable. I have several top courses on copywriting, but nothing else gave me the confidence and the skills to turn out high quality copy quickly.

And the best part - after following Xander’s system, I actually have a better product offering, not just better copy! How? Well, all I'll say is that anyone who's buying this course and puts it into action is in for a real treat."

Sanjeev Nair

Here's EVERYTHING You’re Getting Instant Access To Right Now...

  • Learn How To Unlock The Power Of Online Sales Letters & Simple Emails... And Put Your Business On Autopilot
  • Discover The Simple 9-Step Copywriting Formula That Anyone Can Use (Responsible For Over $25 Million in Sales And Counting!)
  • Get Every Copywriting Template You'll Ever Need... All Done-For-You! (Yep... Over 250 Fill-In-The-Blanks Templates included!)
  • FREE BONUS #1: "The Ultimate Bullet Point Swipe File” – Valued $59
  • FREE BONUS #2: "The Ultimate Headline Swipe File” – Valued $59

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If you don’t see an immediate increase in new leads, clients or customers just let me know. I'll gladly refund your money. Without question. Or keep it longer. Keep it for a full 90 days if you wish. Even then, if you’re not continuing to grow your brand or business, or you’re not totally delighted - for any reason - simply let me know and you’ll receive an immediate refund.

This is the fairest way I know how to prove to you how effective the "Instant Copywriting Mastery” + “Email Mastery” Bundle really is!


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